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What is Bandermobile?

This is a fictional vehicle.

In the early days of the war, a Russian talking-head
(see an image below) reported that in Ukraine are so-called Banderamobiles: these are off-road vehicles with high cross-country ability and powerful weapons.
Of course, this is nonsense, like everything this talking head says.

But we created it to see what it would look like - if it's true.
Actually, we are raising funds to help the victims of the war and this video is meant to remind the world that there is still a bloody war in Ukraine.

We need your help!

How we work

The volunteer organization Trinity we fundraise for are the ones saving people's lives right now. They work as quickly and transparently as possible. You can follow up with their activities on our pages on social networks in real time.


Stand with Ukraine.

Help to save people.

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